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Songs, Poetry, Stories, Cheap Coyote Tricks,
And Other Stuff 
by Greg Keeler

Here's what writers and critics have to say:

Greg Keeler is a sensible and serious poet who also happens to be laugh out loud funny     - Tim Cahill

Greg Keeler has written lunatic masterpieces. He sings pretty good for such a big guy. He's my absolute favorite pracitioner of whatever the hell it is he practices, in all of America.     - David Quammen

Keelers works are "fuzzy monsters filled with wit, spit, and intelligence. Rise on them."   - Gary Snyder


Epiphany Of The Weeping Sucker
(Religious Miracle Discovered!!)

Duck Taped Cyber Dude
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Gelatinous Heap  - Article

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What Roy Dean Seen
You should of been here yesterday. I mean
they was bitin' like Jesus himself was puttin'
'em on the hook. Hell, Roy Dean, he seen
Bobby Don toss an Alka Seltzer where they was rootin'
and a little one took it, then a big one took
the little one. I mean you should of seen that
thing blow up like a party balloon. One look
at the action, and Jimmy Ray got a ball bat
out of his trailer and commenced whackin' on big
ones that got run into the shallows. Tommy Joe
come up with a car battery and shocked a pig
of a fish. Had to keep his pickup in low
just to get the damned thing home. Anyway,
too bad there ain't nothin' bitin' today.

Beach-Carp song
Well she got her daddy's fly rod and she drove to the municipal lake now. She tied on a fly but she used a night crawler for bait now. She flung it to the middle using cannon ball sinkers for weight now, And she'll catch carp, carp, carp till her daddy takes her fly rod away

Today students, we'll be discussing how Zeus
fiddled while Athens burned. This was the fated
result of Hamlet finding himself mated
with his mother after killing his father whose
donkey solved riddles in Thebes. In a loose
interpretation, he blinds his noble but hated
sheep, which he stakes on a hillside in a belated
attempt at appeasing Polonius. But, as a ruse,
a big swan comes down and ravishes the sheep,
and her offspring go off to found Rome
after a pig suckles them and they sleep
for a hundred years. When they get home
their father kills a fatted carp. That's why
we'll never know where we go when we die.

Feldarb's Report

This is Feldarb from Parallel 12 reporting
back to Carbolyte in the Fifth Galactic
Quadrant. We've dismissed our plans for aborting
our mission and are considering a new tactic.
The creature specified in your orders appears
to be infected by a phosphorescent mold.
We are engaging our syncroretroverters
in accordance with the patterns of heat and cold
generated by the infection. By training our ion
retrieval units on the illuminated areas
we hope to drain the mold of enough shine
to navigate back through the asteroid barriers.
Perhaps none of the mold will be left alive--
but that should help the creature to survive.

Extreme Montana Fishing Competition Naked

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